Mount Wise Dental Practice is renowned for its caring approach to patients through the provision of good quality dentistry. We are delighted to offer our membership plans to new and existing patients, and have joined with Practice Plan to offer you adult and child membership plans. All plans will be administered by Practice Plan who will make separate arrangements with you through the Direct Debit scheme to manage your payments under your chosen plan.

Who are our plans designed for?

Mount Wise Dental Practice plans are designed for new and existing patients. Please be advised that you do not need to be dentally fit to join any one of our plans.
If you are a new patient joining us, then we would require you to have a new patient examination. This is standard procedure in order to assess and talk to you about your future dental care and treatment with us. It also gives the dentist an opportunity to discuss which plan would best suit you. After the initial examination we would gladly sign you up to your chosen plan. 

If you are an existing patient with us then please approach our friendly staff  to discuss your membership plan options. Once again as always, if you are unsure please call us and ask for more information.

Your plan benefits

Your plan benefits include:
  • Plans start from £14.00 a month
  • This covers two dental examinations and two hygiene sessions per annum
  • Discount on routine dentistry
  • Discount on aesthetic dentistry
  • World wide accident and emergency dental insurance
  • Access to local on call weekend emergency dentist
  • Please be advised that you do not need to be dentally fit to join our membership plan

How to join one of our plans?

Mount Wise Dental Practice now offers new plans. Our Adult Membership Plans  and our Child Membership. Please click on any of the afore mentioned plan names or under the "Our Membership Plans" tab at the top of the page, please click on the relevant plan to obtain further information.