At Mount Wise Dental Practice we offer a fantastic range of private dental treatment including Boutique teeth whitening and Clear Smile Aligners. All patients will be assessed and a suitable treatment plan will be arranged accordingly. If you join one of our membership plans then you will be given a discount on routine and aesthetic dentistry.
Please feel free to browse our price list of private dentistry services below. For any bookings or questions please call 01752 500 992 or come and see us. (Contact Us)

If you are a private patient of ours and are suffering from acute dental pain over the weekend then please feel free to contact the on call dentist on 01752 219633
Initial Examination
(Radiographs Included)         

Recall Examination                   £40.95
Review Appointments from    £27.30

Scale and Polish                        £49.35
Radiographs from                     £12.60

Cosmetic Consultation
(Existing Patients Only)                                       
Aesthetic Dentistry
Orthodontic Consultation        £157.00

Clear Aligners from                   £1500.00

Orthodontic Retainers from    £78.75

Boutique Teeth Whitening
from                                            £294.00
Preventative & Hygiene Treatments
Hygiene Appointments from  £49.35

Sports Guards from                  £78.75

Bite Guards from                      £157.50
General Dentistry
Porcelain Veneers                    £472.50

Porcelain Crowns                    £577.50

Gold Crowns from                  £609.00
Bridge Work from                    £600.00

Root Canal Treatment
from                                          £267.75
Immediate Denture from      £400.00
Acrylic Partial Denture from  £420.00

Acrylic Full Denture                £580.00
Metal Based Partial Denture

Metal Based Full Denture      £760.00
Amalgam Fillings from          £63.00
Composite Fillings (White)
from                                          £94.50

(Single Tooth) from                £94.50
*We accept cash, Debit and Credit cards
*A deposit may be taken when your private appointment booking is made
*Failure to attend or cancel a private appointments at least 24 hours in advance will result in a charge to be paid
*Prices are subject to change