New Emergency Appointment Allocations Procedure

Due to the increase need for emergency appointments at the surgery the practice has decided to change the way it allocates emergency appointments on a daily basis. In an effort to help accommodate as many patients as possible.

Each day the practice allocates 30-60 minutes of emergency space spread over the morning and afternoon depending on how many dentists that are working on that day to accommodate our patient's needs.

What happens if I have an emergency?

  • If you have what you think is a dental emergency then contact the surgery at 9am Mon-Thurs or 8.30am on a Friday on 01752 500992.

  • Reception staff (who are all fully trained dental nurses) will answer your call as soon as possible and ask what the problem is you are experiencing to ascertain the urgency of your dental problem.

  • You will then be triaged based on the severity of your condition.

  • Priority will be given to — Swollen Face

  • Persistent bleeding post extraction

  • Child in pain (< 16yrs)

  • Next priority will be given to- Toothache

  • Broken teeth causing pain  Lost filling causing pain


If you have any other dental issues which do not fall into these categories you will be put on a triage list and be contacted if we have any available space that day once the priority cases have been seen. We will call with at least 1 hours’ notice to ensure you can attend the appointment. If we cannot offer you an appointment on that day, we will offer to book you an appointment on our next available slot and also put you on the cancellation list.


If you feel that the appointment allocated to you is too far off you are welcome to phone each day and ask for any cancelations or non-filled emergency slots.

This policy applies to both NHS & Private patients.


If you have any queries please speak to reception or your dentist.

We always strive to provide the highest level of care for all our patients.

Any falsifying of symptoms in order to get an appointment will result in you losing your place at the practice.


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